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Grout Bully advertises on TV and the Internet a grout cleaner for tiled surfaces.The deal they offer is buy one, get one free.

I ordered 1. I only need 1. If they want to include a free second one, I don't care, but I certainly don't want to pay shipping and handling for something I don't even need or want.

They charged me 2 shipping and handling charges, making the tube I paud for and the "free" one cost 150% of the cost of the product itself.My bad - I should have trusted my gut, which said "this is some kind of scam," but it's their bad too, and I want to warn people not to get hooked into this "deal."

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Grout Bully - Better Way to Clean Grout

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Someone sent me a link to Grout Bully.I was wondering about its active ingredient to see whether it's a cleanser or paint of some kind (looks like paint in the commercial).

Just curious because I already know the best way to clean grout: As I watched Designed To Sell on HGTV I saw Lisa LaPorta recommend cleaning grout with plain vinegar. She demonstrated by pouring plain vinegar on a bathroom floor and rubbing it into the grout with a tooth-brush. It looked like new. I jumped up and tried it on my own floor.


Fast, easy, beautiful.

Review about: Grout Bully.

Grout Bully scams people with insane shipping costs they don't tell you about

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My husband ordered grout bully from a tv ad.The offered free sponges and extra bottles of grout bully for free.

Well, the finaly bill totalled $77.70. I had to find that even on the credit card statement. It also took several weeks for the product to arrive. This was more expensive by far than he had been told.

I called to cancel the order and when they mentioned we would not get the shipping back, which is normal, I happened to ask how much the shipping was. They said $44.70.

That is totally absurd and outrageous for a small box weighing less than a pound.They are a scam and rip off and should be shut down from all the similar complaints I read.

Don't Buy Grout Bully - False Charges

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Don't buy Grout Bully, they are a scam!!!

They charged me about twice what they said at checkout (an additional $41 for shipping and handling on top of shipping and handling charges of $15.90 on the original $45.90 purchase).

What a rip off!!!!!

I'm so pissed I don't even want to use the product, it wasn't a deal in the end and I feel like I was taken for a ride by this company. It seams like most of the review sites are actually controlled by them, so they aren't even allowing a fair review of their product and services (which includes what they charge for their product).


Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States #750644

I purchased Grout Bully from Publisher's Clearing House.Although I did have to pay S&H charges, it was so worth it!

I cleaned my 15X15 kitchen floor. The grout was horrible! I'd grown tired of trying to get my husband to take care of it when I ran across the Ad. I had to leave it on for a longer period of time (which I expected because the grout was black with stains!) and some places had to be treated more than once but when I finished the floor looked amazing!

For an inexpensive product, I couldn't be happier! My floors are glistening! You just have to give the product a chance.

Leave it on and let it dry for half an hour, redo areas that need more attention, dampen the sponge and wipe off excess.The only thing I can complain about is sore hamstrings!


I have tried the product and love the look of my floors.It transformed my rooms.

I applied it last year on my entry way, kitchen, bathrooms and washroom. One year later I am reappling to my kitchen, all other rooms held up beautifully.

The productdid take a very long time to get to me from the phone order from the commercial but well worth it.If you can get this product from Walmart or Walgreens it is well worth it.


By far the WORST customer service and shipping in the UNIVERSE!!Same thing...

charged 44.90 without even blinking... Their tel number doesnt work (wonder why)....

Sadly, if they got their act together surely sales would reflect... I've been to four walmarts looking for WHITE!!lol...

saw that Best buy and walgreens most likely will have in stock...

Bed bath and beyond didnt have, but advertised.Great product, but boy what a nightmare!!!!


don't buy this product and company will charge more than you expect!!! Junk products!!


As I watched Design To Sell on HGTV I saw Lisa LaPorta demonstrate how to clean grout with plain vinegar.She poured regular plain vinegar on the bathroom floor and rubbed it in with a tooth-brush.

It looked like new. I jumped up and tried it on my floors. Amazing!

Nothing like it.Fast, easy, beautiful.


There is a fabulous product called Oxy Grout that WORKS!! It does take

a bit of elbow grease, but it will do an amazing job on your grout.


I like the product.You have to shake the heck out the bottle.

Looks good on floor. I found it easier to tape the tile and apply two coats, otherwise cleanup could be messy. It gives you that "Fresh Look".

True you have to squeeze the bottle while applying and it dries fast.

I did not buy it over phone I bought it at Walmart.


What a SCAM!It has been 8 weeks since I ordered this product.

I have been charged, the shipping and handling cost more than the product itself. I could not tell you if it works or not, I have yet to recieve it.

When their customer service called and signed me up for all these budget savings with a 100$ free gas vouchers, Shoppers advantage.....That IS THE BIGGEST SCAM OF ALL!!!



Obviously someone in the tile cleaning business may be desperate and posting multiple negative reviws. Not saying all of them are but quite a few it seems. I'm looking forawrd to trying it myself but will give it some cool down time.


i would just like to say i highly dislike when i get an upset customer who is annoyed with whatever is going on in there life and when i say it's on back order dont yell at me and make me feel just doing my job.

my job is hard enough. im not just sitting around waiting for a call, i make calls to millions of people before you call.

plus paperwork, and a limited amount of time to eat, breath ,and drink.just be a little more nicer towards us.


Finally decided to order this product.My friend told me they used it and they love it.

I haven't had a chance to go and see it but I figured I'd try it out for myself :) Let ya guys know.

Seems though that reviews are really bad on these sites.Anyone else have any reviews about using Grout Bully?


I am looking forward to buying this product. However, I'll be store purchasing it. I am concerned although because so many reviews misspelled even with spell check that it makes me concerned if the same person is posting bad reviews?


:( My husband knows everything there is to know about construction.Nevertheless, he ws not able to make this sham product work!

He followed the instructions to the letter. The only thing he got was a messy bunch of smugged tiles.

Now the bastards want us to pay for the shipping back (although they won't admit in so meny words in their email to us) of a product that does not work.Sham, and shame!



I used it and it took me a while to figure out that you have to actually push down hadr to get the gb out. looks presentable. Put it on my dark blue bathroom tiles.

Suggestion: better instructions next time. Thanks.


Not what it claims to be.I don't see that it cleans the grout but more covers it like shoe polish.

I think it would have been easier and a lot less work to remove the old grout and replace...really my arms and fingers are killing me.

I didn't have any trouble getting it out of the bottle.Thanks for nothing but pains.


Not what it claims to be.I don't see that it cleans the grout but more covers it like shoe polish.

I think it would have been easier and a lot less work to remove the old grout and replace...really my arms and fingers are killing me.

I didn't have any trouble getting it out of the bottle.Thanks for nothing but pains.


WOW!!! I've learned a lot from these reviews.

1) This product might be worthwile, but the charges aren't.

2) We still don't know how long it is good for or the size of the bottle.

3) There are a lot of pissed off people in the world.


I got one complaint.make sure YOU CAN get this thing out of hte bottle next time you manfacture it!

My hands are tired from squeezing and all becasue the directions arenot specific enough! So I will say i figured it out.

If you push down on the blue piece you will get it out.i love the grout bully i just almost had it with the bottle.


Why am I writing this review on pissed consumer?Because one thing did *** me off.

How long this thing took to ship. Literally took 5 weeks due to it being backordered because it was a "hot item".

Anyway other than that, I Used it just before people came over to watch teh superbowl.Needs time to dry but I got compliments on my floors i just didn't let manyone step on them.


Received grout Bully about a week ago.Apparently it was on back order.

Couldn't wait to use this stuff so I did. I'm reporting back with some satisfaction. 1. What "Meliss" says is right.

You do have to push that blue piece down so you get the stuff flowing out. Then you release all the pressure in the bottle. 2. It didn't dry as fast as it says but nonetheless, It does work.

3. You get what you paid for. My floors still look great. I can't say what they'll look like down the road, I'll update but right now they look good and I'm glad I bought it.

It's a quick fix.:)


I was gonna try however i think i will let them get the "kinks" out of the shipping delay and bottle pressure 1st.

I also work for a credit card company and if you do allow them to authorize you card though they may not charge you for 30-60 days ..that is legal.

they just are not finalizing the process probally until its in stock. i reccommend getting a estimated delivery date on your order if they dont give you one....simply do not order the product.

If they do give you one and your delivery date has come and gone then call your credit card company and file a formal dispute (which is relatively easy w/ most) and let them get the money back.most will refund he charges instantly and go after the merchant.


So I just ordered the "floor makeover" package.It gave me free shipping on my entire order.

Looking at these comments though I'm kind of scared. Hopefully this company cleaned their act up. I'm really hopeful these things work. I feel like maybe I eliminated half of the reasons I would complain because I got free shipping.

seems shipping was an eissue.So heres to hoping Grout BUlly works :roll


Did anyone else have the hardest time trying to squeeze this stuff out of the bottle!?!!? Better directions next time would be appreciated. Nonetheless the stuff works.

PROPER DIRECTIONS: Push the green plastic piece in the middle of hte applicator way in and the grout cleaner will come out. Thank God! My hands were gonna spaz out. Now my loors look good though.


Did anyone else have the hardest time trying to squeeze this stuff out of the bottle!?!!? Better directions next time would be appreciated. Nonetheless the stuff works.

PROPER DIRECTIONS: Push the green plastic piece in the middle of hte applicator way in and the grout cleaner will come out. Thank God! My hands were gonna spaz out. Now my loors look good though.


Just do it the old fashioned way - buy a bag of grout, latex additive, a bucket, grout float, margin trowel and sponge, then regrout.


This sounds like a class action suite waiting to happen. One of these people should contact a consumer fraud attorney and get it going. It sounds like this stinking product needs to be taken off the market.


To cover over grout temporarily try white out or white shoe polish . Cost very little works temporarily but looks good if you are having company.


I just received mine in the mail and used it.It did make the grout look a bit better, but it is SO tough to get out the bottle.

Squeezing the bottle and trying to hold it to the grout line is tough. There is no even flow whatsoever and the the "free" sponges they sent to wipe the tiles down are glorified magic erasers that started breaking down very quickly leaving "eraser crumbs" all over my floor.

Waste of money and my hand hurts from squeezing the bottle.Oh well, that's what I get for trusting a dumb infommercial!!


Just because its legal doesn't make it okay. Your life is pretty sad if you have to come on here just to call people ***. You know there are ways to speak that don't make you look like such an ***.


My order for my Grout Bully took 12 weeks, the gentleman I spoke with on the phone did agree to refund my expidated shipping charges.So my order in October didn't arrive in time to work on my grout before Thanksgiving.

Okay, I got over it and finally got around to trying the product and I can't begin to tell you how disappointed I am in the product. It takes two hands to even squeeze the stuff out of the bottle; there is no even flowing flow to it. I purchased the sand color to refresh my counter grout which was really sort of a light cement color. The sand didn't cover the old grout on the second coat and I'm not giving it a third hands can't take trying to squeeze it out.

I did try a paint brush but that didn't really provide an even coat. Uncle....I quit.

As they say something that seems too good to be true probably is.Off to Lowe's I go.


I have to wonder how many of you morons actually whipped out your credit card before reading the fine print and listening to the commercial in its entirety.None of those are false charges.

I haven't even ordered the product, but I knew as soon as I heard "Just pay separate processing and handling." On the commercial that they'd be milking me for that too. The advertisement also says nothing about caulk. The fine print on the commercial says that processing and handling is non-refundable. A little lesson: It is not a scam if the advertisement or the website indicates the companies terms and conditions, and charges before you place your order.

A company is not required to tell you that the product is not free if there are shipping and handling charges associated with it. Of COURSE they are going to tell you its free, and then mention the shipping and handling out of the corners of their mouths. Its how they make millions of dollars from morons just like you people who whip out their credit cards as soon as they hear the word "Free". You weren't scammed...

they were smarter than you.Suck it up, and move the *** on.


I called to find out how much group was in each tube only to get totally voicemail.

I looked thoroughly to on their website to find how big each tube was.

Nothing, nothing to indicate how big each tube is.Really disappointing ~ And order without speaking to a representative ..was not going to happen!


Ordered buy 1 get 1 Said I ordered 2 sets,

Charged me 10.00 - 1 set

10.00 - 1 set

S & H 15.90

S & H 15.90 each set

4 FREE SPONGES S & H 31.80

Caulking 9.99 - thought this was included in the set ?

Total Charge $93.59

Never saw anything so absurd or bold.


They advertise a cheap price with high S&H and say they will give you your money back if not satisfied---meaning if you return the product they still make money. It is a scam unless they will return S&H too.


This is like the 100th bad review I've seen about this Grout Bully product.What the *** is wrong with this company?

I hear they r charging crazy amounts of money for S&H and stuff. I wanted to get it but I heard that it sucks too and doesn't work at all. People were saying that its just like shoe polish. I think they sell it at Wal-Mart now or one of them stores.

I still may buy it in the store just to try it for myself but I am not giving them douchebags my credit card info online. Screw them. If there's one think I don't like it's being screwed over by some *** offs who try to take u for your ***. I don't handle that kinda stuff too well.

I'll end up going to prison over *** like that.But anyway everyone have a great New Year and *** Grout Bully!

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